Do you remember the old saying: There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead; and when she was good, she was very, very good; but when she was bad, she was horrid? Ironically, the little girl was not who she appeared to be. That is the case with respect to many people who come into our lives. Take, for example, Donald Trump.

Trump is currently pretending to be the savior of the nation—getting us a vaccine for Covid-19 at “warp-speed.” All of the health experts tell us it simply isn’t possible. The hope for a quick vaccine is just another one of Trump’s many lies—18,000 since his inauguration. Lies, by their very nature, stand in opposition to the truth. Logically, there is no such thing as a true lie. But logic is not one of Trump’s stronger suits.

Three persons—Howard Stern, Tony Swartz, and Steve Schmidt—have commented on the many ironies characterizing Trump’s administration. (Check on the Internet.) Stern says those supporters who love Trump the most—ironically—represent the same class of people he despises the most. He regards people who work with their hands as losers. Swartz says Trump is totally lacking a moral conscience. He only loves one person, himself. He would throw the whole country under the bus if it would get him reelected in the fall. 

Schmidt says Trump is a clown, a dunce, a buffoon. He is an embarrassment to himself and to the nation. His leadership on the Corvid-19 crisis has been nothing short of catastrophic.

Ready or not—here we come. Trump is leading the charge to reopen the country.

He believes if business makes a comeback—he will be reelected in November. He will be a winner, on top of the world. 

Who cares what the health experts have to say. Dr. Bright, who Trump removed as Director of Research to find new vaccines, told Congress that if we do not reopen properly, we will experience the darkest winter in our history.

Isn’t it ironic, when you stop to think of all the gifted men who have served as Presidents of the United States—Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt (both), Obama—that the American people could have been conned into voting for a narcissistic snake oil salesman.

Stanley Ivie


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