Firstly, I would like to thank The Richfield Reaper for its integrity and unbiased coverage of Central Utah news. In these days of media madness the Reaper is an icon of rural reporting.

I usually never read Letters to the Editor from Sarah Straw, I find her missives sour, arrogant and most often insulting to most people who read them. However, by chance I looked at her diatribe in the March 18 issue. As a grateful patriotic naturalized citizen of America the land which I love, I feel to offer her a solution as she is tired of living in what she calls our “stupidverse.” For only $250,000 she could purchase a ticket for Sir Richard Branson’s incredible, amazing, built in America Virgin Galactic Space Aircraft. This aircraft would take her out of the “stupidverse” to a possible opportunity to select a universe that would be more suitable to her high intelligence and her abhorrence of all things American. Unfortunately, the ticket on the Galactic is round-trip – but who knows, she may be able to buy half a ticket – just an idea – a remedy to living in such a horrible universe.

Sarah’s tiredness seems to cause her to be a joyless, sully person who is tired of the “stupid” people she lives among. She believes President Trump is responsible for Hurricane Maria, the destruction of Paradise, California, by fire, the floods in the Heartland, the CHINESE COVID-19 virus, and the dismantling of Obama’s worthlessly organized CDC. Sarah also says that she will “never understand” Trump supporters, I have more advice, don’t try – we don’t’ need your understanding. She also writes about behavior, values, morals and, yes, even Jesus – all things that she may also “never understand.”

Our universe is not stupid, our world is not stupid, our country is not stupid; furthermore, we are not stupid. 

We work, we READ, we research, we study, we make up our minds, we vote, we love our families, we love babies, we give, we pray, we trust in God, we support the selection of our President by our fellow citizens, WE LOVE AMERICA.

Stephanie P. Hanchett


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