I watched hours of the impeachment hearings, I wonder if any others in the area did? When Nixon was impeached, it was important to the people of the United States that their president was engaged in criminal activity to assure his re-election. Maybe Americans were more patriotic back then, or better educated about their government functions. Maybe they weren’t so stressed about trying to make a living, putting food on the table for their family, or paying for health care. Americans today just don’t seem to care that their government is rapidly devolving into a pretty nasty autocracy, whose only purpose seems to be staying in power and collecting large sums of money from wealthy corporations in exchange for lucrative tax breaks that are bankrupting our country’s future.

These impeachment hearings have shown America that there are some honorable, smart, and patriotic Americans working in our government, particularly in the State Department (Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Col. Vindman, Dr. Fiona Hill). Unfortunately, these Americans are not the people at the top. They are the bureaucrats, working to keep America safe, to prevent RUSSIA from taking over Ukraine.

Anyone paying attention watched while credible witnesses stated FACTS that Trump demanded Ukraine publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden’s son, working for a company in Ukraine. Vital military equipment was the price. Ukraine is at war with Russia, you know. If Russia takes Ukraine, Russia will become a powerhouse that will threaten Europe. But the “deal” fell through because a whistleblower notified the Inspector General of the Intelligence Committee. Republicans insist since Trump’s extortion failed, he did nothing wrong... Sure, that’s how the world works. I tried to rob the bank, but I didn’t get any money so it’s not really a crime. Don’t ask the bank about it; find the person who called the police.

It’s painful to watch the country I was raised to love and respect, become a pathetic shadow of its former greatness. 

The witnesses that testified for hours demonstrate the honor that is so sadly lacking in our Republican politicians, who squirm and equivocate because they want to keep power and money rolling their way, while so many hardworking Americans slip further away from the American Dream. I’m happy to explain the facts to anyone interested, but letters must be brief, so you’ll have to ask me when you see me. I took notes.

Sara Straw


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we are so lucky to have a Sara Straw to be able to explain the facts to us stupid deplorables .

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