There are few times in our history when we will have two bonds coming to maturity and being paid off at nearly the same time, thus allowing for the funding of the community development center with little or no change to our present tax structure. It is now time for citizens throughout the valley to come together around a shared vision ... that of a Community Development Center for everyone to enjoy. 

It is time to replace the rug, not patch it. 

The proposed Community Development Center will become a year-round gathering place for all ages to benefit our county and surrounding counties in numerous ways. For example:

• The schools will be major benefactors of having a year-round swimming facility and a place for competitive swimming where parents and spectators can watch.

• The center will provide an area for walking in the winter unencumbered by the shopping carts of Walmart and Home Depot.

• The center will bring additional educational opportunities through the support and involvement of Snow College.

• The center will provide a place for seniors to exercise their bodies and their minds and enjoy friendships throughout the area.

• The swimming pools will provide a place for rehabilitation, including those with arthritis or recovering from surgery and other health issues.

• With the center, families can come together year-round to swim, walk, and be together ... even participating in educational opportunities there. 

I recall a time when grandma was upset about the talk of the town thrasher company getting a big orange Case tractor. It was to be used on the thrasher as well as for plowing alfalfa ground. Grandma just knew that the noise from the tractor would scare the chickens so they would cease to lay eggs, and the tractor would compact the ground so it couldn’t be plowed! Instead, the tractor became a great blessing to all the families in the community, including Grandma.

We love this valley. I love swim-walking with my neighbors. I feel gratitude for the friendships made there at the swimming pool with young and old from all the communities in our area. 

Thanks to Janet and the lifeguards for making it an enjoyable experience for all who come, despite a facility that is crumbling around us. And thanks to Richfield City for thinking outside the box and inviting all of Sevier County to participate rather than building one just for themselves. The heart of a community is with a shared vision. This is the right time to do the right thing and vote in support of a Community Development Center. 

Jerry Hawley


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TC Chris

The funding for this center expands government instead of reducing it.

Vote to send the message we want our government reduced, not expanded,or even to stay the same!

Government spending needs to be reduced! Every time available. Replacing one debt with another is not reduction.

Fine maintaining our current pool will cost a bit more than it does today. That is all keeping up a great facility! Is cheap compared to replacing it with 25 million in debt, most of which will be carried by folks that may never see the facility yet alone use it!

Quit the tax and spend locally! If you don't it will never stop!

Our county has of recent made many improvements to the world we share. They have been good things, afar as I can see. Our fairgrounds are top notch! There is more.

But this rec center is a college project. It will be controlled by the college as that will be the source of personnel for it.

This like the library absirbition to the tech,will not be anything but a financial burden to the citizens of richfield!

I think this community has contributed very generously to svt,snow college.

I love this place, a bit difficult to see the many changes, but change is constant, increasing debt for it is not!

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