Religions are probably the biggest longest lasting con that has ever existed on this planet. How people can believe that what we do in this less than a minute speck in time (when it comes to eternity) determines where we will spend the rest of eternity is mind blowing. It would be fine for people to believe in religions, if they would learn to coexist with those who do not want to pretend the nonsense that religions teach about what is right and wrong, good and evil. Pretend that you are an extremely loving creator. You know eternity is an extremely long time (it goes on forever). You know that imperfection is an extremely good thing. It is what makes individuality, challenges, progress, emotions, and things to do and learn from, etc. possible. So as a loving creator, what would you do so that those you love to pieces would have a safe way to experience imperfection? How would you set it up so it is extremely fair? If we only lived, what we refer to as life, just once. Think of all that you would miss out on doing that exists in the past, present, and future. If you existed as another life form before you were born and you are still that same life form after your body dies. Wouldn’t that mean that you are that other life form experiencing being you the human and no matter what happens to you the human, the real you is always safe? Just because a whole lot of people are pretending nonsense about right and wrong, good and evil, that does not mean that they have the right to gang up on those who do not want to pretend nonsense and pass laws to legally bully others around because they do not want to coexist with others when there are belief, want, and need differences. Every single one of us is a unique individual with varying likes, dislikes and ways of looking at things. What one might love, another might hate. That doesn’t mean that those who hate something or believe that it is wrong, have the right to pass laws to be legally bully those they disagree with. If a law is wrong, it’s not the people who break that law who are being bad. It’s the people who wanted it and made it a law who are being bad.

Fred Christensen


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