Stan Ivie, Reaper, Oct. 24, p. 3A, is concerned about a horror movie but appears to look in the wrong places for solutions. Congressional republicans crashed a secret democratic meeting trying to uncover some fault of Pres. Trump. Chm. Schiff couldn’t leave fast enough. One would think Mr. Ivie would be interested in what was going on behind those closed doors? It looked like a Henry VIII star-chamber proceeding to me.

Stan enlarges the Ukraine incident far beyond what happened. Pres. Trump did ask the Ukraine about investigation fraud/corruption over there. That is what presidents are supposed to do. Financial aid being withheld until investigation was begun is fake. Financial aid did not come into the picture until a couple of months later and could not have been involved in the Pres. Trump telephone call.

There is a TV record of Biden bragging of withholding aid money from the Ukraine until the investigation into a Ukraine energy company was halted and the instigator fired. The next thing we knew is that Hunter Biden was billions richer thanks to the Ukraine and China (swamps). This may be the quid quo pro that Mr. Ivie is looking for.

Finally, Pres. Trump may indeed fear the democrats. We have watched three years of investigations costing millions of dollars resulting in a total waste of untold hours of time looking for Pres. Trump error. 

None found. Therefore, we are certain there is no lawful ground for impeachment. Will secrecy, fraud and corruption rule the day for the congressional democrats?


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TC Chris

Totally support your evaluation!

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