Last week dozens of cars drove up and down streets in Richfield and Salina dragging Main.

The idea was simple — give people a way to get out of their homes, see each other, yet maintain a safe distance. 

It doesn’t take a lot of common sense to realize that the social distancing and isolation guidelines people are following are having and will continue to have a psychological toll. 

Being isolated from others, stuck in one’s home, not able to do things outside with others is going to cause some effects on mental health. 

The informal drag Main event was a chance for people to do something that was uplifting. People were able to have fun with others while still maintaining the spirit of the isolation guidelines. 

Some complained about the event on social media. Others went so far as to report it to the police. 

However, as long as people follow traffic laws, stay in their own cars and properly dispose of their trash, dragging Main is a bright spot for people in a world where so much of the news is focused on the effects of the COVID-19.

Dragging Main Street is something that has a long history, but it’s been largely abandoned during the past several years. 

Unfortunately, there are always a few knuckleheads who ruin good things for everyone. 

In years past, people parked in business parking lots would litter. Some business owners were literally filling up garbage cans of other people’s refuse. 

Clearly this is unfair to business owners, and shouldn’t happen. Any drink cups, napkins or leftover fast food packaging must be placed in a proper garbage receptacle. 

Also, with the current world situation, people need to stay in their own cars and maintain the distancing between people. 

Be mindful of the situation and respect it. 

Also, people need to be responsible in following traffic laws, not racing each other at the stoplight, and being careful while driving. Part of the fun of the drags is there are so many cars on the road, but that means people need to be careful, watch for other cars and drive safe. 

However, early indications are that there were very few issues with the first night of dragging. As long as it doesn’t become a problem, it’s something that gives people a chance to get out, see others and feel a little uplifted in a depressing time.

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