Richfield City is in the process of developing its fifth city park. 

The park is to be located on a currently vacant block at 500 North and 500 East in Richfield. It is the last undeveloped block in the original Richfield City charter, and has been used for decades to grow crops.

However, the family of Adolph and Henrietta Nielson decided to donate the property to Richfield City with the condition that it be developed into a park within five years. 

The first step is underway as a community development block grant is being utilized to install curb, gutter and other improvements to the block.

The next step will be determining what the park itself would be.

One proposal already submitted to the city would turn much of the park into two baseball diamonds for youth baseball. These would join the three softball diamonds at the Rotary Park, one at the Lions Park, four baseball diamonds on the campus of Snow College Richfield and two smaller fields at Pahvant Elementary School.

Others would like to see the park incorporate a splash pad, which is something many communities in the region have installed in the past decade.

Another option would include traditional pavilions and playgrounds. 

Richfield City’s skate park is in dire need of an upgrade. This facility is used continually through the year. However, since its construction, the skating community has shifted. In addition to roller blades and skateboards, now skate parks also draw stunt scooters and bikes. One option may be to create a concrete skate park, similar to St. George’s, which can cater to a more diverse community of stunt riders and be used as a draw for tourism to the region. There are more than 2,000 such facilities across the United States. 

The new park may also include a mix of all or none of these elements. 

It is vitally important people let the city know what they want to see in the park. 

The new park will be a community and cultural focal point in the city for the next century, and helping shape its future is a historic opportunity.

The public has been invited to provide written suggestions for what the park should contain to submit their concepts and ideas to the city offices in written form at 75 East Center. They can also be mailed to Richfield City, P.O. Box 250, Richfield, Ut. 84701, or sent via e-mail to

The city council is also hosting a public input session Tuesday, April 23, at 7 p.m., for people to vocally express ideas for the park.

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