Respect Richfield’s handicap swing

Respect Richfield’s handicap swing

That didn’t take long. 

A swing at the Richfield Rotary Park that was installed in April for wheelchair bound children has already been damaged.

Vandals removed a piece of the swing and stole it. 

Why someone would take it upon themselves to deprive a handicap child a ride on a swing is beyond most people. However, there is that small minority of people who either get pleasure from destroying things, or are just ignorant enough not to care.

It would be nice if it could be written off simply as teenagers messing around, but that’s not always the case. 

Sit at the park long enough and one will likely see adults allowing their children who have no physical disabilities to climb on and use the swing, sometimes with the adults on it. 

Sometimes adults don’t think about the lessons they are teaching their children when they don’t tell them to not use things that are set-aside for others. Children who are stuck in wheelchairs can’t use the new playground. They can’t run in the grass. They can’t climb the ladder and slide down the slide.

The swing was installed for a very specific group of people, and too often others ignore that fact. Volunteers raised money for and installed the swing.

This particular incident of vandalism is especially troubling as it only hurts the most vulnerable in the community and stomps on the effort of people who just wanted to make life a little better for children who already have to miss so much. 

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