The race to set up chairs for Richfield’s Independence Day parade is on. 

However, due to a law passed last year, people need to be aware of when they set up their chairs.

Independence Day is one of the most valued traditions in Richfield. 

It has grown beyond a celebration; it draws thousands of people to town. Families often have reunions during the holiday, as do classmates. Adults who remember the idyllic Independence Days of their youth return home to share similar experiences with their children.

It’s a generational tradition that keeps growing. 

However, as with anything, sometimes growth can cause problems. People have been setting up chairs, blankets, popup shades and even using rope to reserve their spot for the annual Independence Day parade on Richfield’s Main Street several days in advance of the event. 

This is a case of a few people ruining it for everyone. During the past several years, people have set up chairs, ropes and other things to reserve their seats for the parade, but in doing so have blocked access to businesses and even blocked off the sidewalk.

The unfortunate thing is this ordinance wouldn’t be needed if people were to show some consideration of others. In the race to make sure the perfect spot is reserved, people are making a nuisance of themselves to those who have to conduct business in the downtown area, or to those who simply want to walk down the sidewalk.

Many city ordinances and state laws are created and adopted because people refuse to show consideration of others. This is why there are ordinances that require people to maintain their yards, require certain businesses to be located in specific areas and govern the signage and appearance of a business building. 

A lot of laws and ordinances are based on common sense, which unfortunately seems to be less common. 

Any chairs or other space reserving items set out prior to 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 3, will be confiscated and placed at the city’s maintenance yard for people to reclaim at a later date. 

People need to be aware that setting up for the parade days in advance will no longer be allowed on Richfield’s Main Street.

However, being able to set up at 6 p.m., the night before should provide plenty of time for people to reserve a spot and enjoy one of the region’s most beloved traditions.

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