Sevier County’s number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases has more than doubled since June 9.

In little more than a week, Sevier County went from 13 cases to 28, including the first hospitalization in the county. Also, it’s not a good situation as many of those cases involve the county emergency medical response program.

Since the majority of the state moved from orange to yellow, it seems many people have taken that as a sign that things are back to normal. Mask wearing in public places is anemic at best. People are gathering in large groups. Social distancing is not being followed in many places. 

It’s not surprising. 

People are tired and over it. It’s completely understandable why people see no reason to wear a mask or distance from each other. After all, cases were trending down. At one point, all of Sevier County’s cases were listed as recovered.

But coronavirus is known best for the ease with which is spreads, and it has exploded in the region in the past week. 

This doesn’t mean people should panic, but they should understand that reaching the horizon of normalcy is still a very long ride. The more people ignore the guidelines, the more they comingle without protecting themselves, the longer that trip to normalcy will be. 

There has already been numerous cancellations or downsizing of events … spring sports, graduations, proms, birthdays and funerals. People need to remain vigilant if a return to normal is ever to be achieved. 

The fact is that COVID-19 is a reality the world will have to deal with from now on. There will be infections of it decades from now. The social distancing, the masks and the extra emphasis on hygiene will only slow the virus to keep healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. 

Coronavirus can be spread by people who show no symptoms.

Simply put, wear a mask. It’s not to protect you; it’s to protect others from you. It’s a sign of courtesy to others. 

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Mark Nentwich

If your feeling left out because you haven't ever tried out a respirator... Just hang out in Sevier county , sooner or later it's going to hit this area...and we can all thank the folks who think it's there right , to be stupid and ignore science .... Unfortunately it will impact us all .....With all of us working together the way we are (not) we should be able to safely open up in 5 or so years....maybe...

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