All right trailer guys, we have to have a talk. 

Generally, I’m a fan of what you do. 

I enjoy living in a house that was built by a guy who probably had a trailer. It’s great, with its enclosed space, privacy and the ability it gives us to slam doors. 

Also, I love the taste of cow meat. I know that you just can’t walk the cows to the meat factory; they have to get a ride — in a trailer. That’s cool. In fact, it may be the highest, best use of a trailer.

Hey, I’m even cool with you guys who love the great outdoors, just not so much that you want to leave the great indoors behind. I relate to that. I love being in the mountains, but I also love Netflix. The only way to have both is to bring a trailer. 

But we need to talk about a few things. 

First up, hooking up your trailer’s brake lights and turn signals and then using them will not cause your rig to explode. I know, I’ve towed a trailer or two. Every time I used my turn signal, it didn’t explode. 

An even larger problem is that many don’t understand there is a time and place for their trailers, and it’s not the drive through. 

Yet, there they are … trailers being towed through burger joints, rubbing against curbs, taking up a lot of space and leaving everyone in suspense as to whether or not they will hit the building.

I know, it’s a pain to just park your truck and trailer and walk 10 yards to get your McMuffin, fries or caffeine free Diet Coke with two shots of lemon, one of raspberry, one of banana and one half ounce of burned marshmallow flavored syrup. 

Hey we’re all there for the same reason, but it’s a bit inconsiderate that everyone behind you in line has to smell what cows smell like before they are hamburgers while getting hamburgers. 

The other day I saw a cattle trailer parked at a bank completely blocking the entrance to the bank’s parking lot. 

I get it; cows are a commodity, and as such require banking services. 

However, I doubt the banking folks require you to block access to their business so they can see that you do indeed have cows. It’s just kind of rude for people who don’t have a cow trailer who can’t get in the bank. Who knows, maybe one of those people was going to get a loan to buy some of your cows or cow-related products?

At least I know the cow trailer guy is working.

The camp trailer guy who does this stuff is just playing, but still feels entitled to take up 10 spaces at the grocery store on a Friday evening. 

The after work grocery rush is the closest thing you’ll ever experience to a full on riot in Richfield. Everyone needs to grab stuff right before the weekend, and as a result the store is packed. 

You know what else is packed? The parking lot. 

So why wouldn’t someone park their 25-foot camp trailer across an entire row of parking spaces while they go into the store and stock up on supplies for six weeks of camping?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that’s a bit inconsiderate. Why not park out on the street where you’re not taking up half of all available parking spots? Are you telling me that you’re all about spending the week camping and hiking 50 miles, but that extra few yards pushing a shopping cart is just too much effort? 

Or maybe all that extra walking will make the trailer explode. If it does, I’m very sorry.

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