Moon headed to Nebraska

Jordyn Moon signs a letter of intent to play for North Platte Community College in Nebraska, May 6, at Richfield High School. Moon played for RHS’s girls’ basketball team.

For Jordyn Moon, basketball has been part of her life as long as she can remember.

“My parents were both coaches, so I was always in the gym,” Moon said. The drive to compete came naturally, and Moon has spent many untold hours in the gym — both with volleyball and basketball — sharpening her skills.

She signed a letter of intent during a ceremony hosted at Richfield High School, May 6. Only her parents, high school coach Marc Peterson and RHS athletic director Rich Barton were able to attend due to the COVID-19 situation. However, it was a celebration of Moon being able to take the next step. 

Moon is headed to North Platte, Nebraska to continue her basketball career. 

 “I’ve worked very hard to get here,” Moon said. It’s something I’ve always wanted since I was a little girl.” 

Basically growing up in a gym helped fuel Moon’s drive to compete. Her next drive will be to Nebraska where she will join the Knights.

“They have started to build a culture,” Moon said. She said she is excited to head to college this fall, although Nebraska will be a big change from the mountains of Utah.

“It’s very flat out there,” Moon said. 

“She is another great player from our school,” Peterson said. “She’s been a great addition to our team.”

Peterson said Moon’s competitive nature pays off, especially while defending the ball. 

“She was our best defensive player,” Peterson said. “I’m so happy for her. It was great opportunity for me to be able to coach her.”

Moon is graduating this spring from RHS. Her parents, Justin and Cassie Moon, are faculty members at RHS, and both are still coaching.  

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