Richfield High School’s swim team takes a break last month. The team includes Molly Holsclaw, front left; Sean Pearson, Canyon Douglas, Tylar Madsen, Taylor Gleave, Elora Smith and Brenley Tait. Also, Emmaline Steele, middle left; Rochelle Crimin, Sophie Murdock, Brennen Chappell, Kasidee Cook, Stephen Gomez-Perez, Caden Nordgren, Kayde Morgan, Connor Morrill, Kordale Bean, Chandler Morrill and Kevin Crimin. Also, Jaxon Lindgren, back left; Micah Greenhalgh, Brigham Gomez-Perez, Tyler Barton, Savannah Weber, Melissa Jensen, Victoria Greenwood, Kristen Crowther, Hunter Schaub and Keldon Terry.

Richfield High School’s swim team qualified eight individuals for state and scored five individual region championships during the region meet Jan 30.

In addition to the normal excitement of a swim meet, Richfield had one swimmer have to drop out and make a trip to the emergency room halfway through the meet.

“Stephen Gomez-Perez had been sick all week but insisted on coming to the meet,” said coach Rochelle Crimin. Her husband, Dr. David Crimin, checked the boy out after he had already competed in one event, taking second in the 100-yard butterfly. Dr. Crimin told Perez’s parents he needed to go to a hospital.

“We had to literally drag him out of the pool,” Coach Crimin said. While Perez is expected to recover from a kidney stone, it did hurt the ’Cats as they had to scratch him from the 500-yard freestyle.

Region champs from Richfield’s girls’ team included Sophia Murdock in the 200-yard individual medley and 200-yard freestyle relay, Victoria Greenwood in the 100-yard freestyle, 100 breaststroke, and 200 freestyle relay, Savannah Weber in the 100-yard backstroke and the 200 freestyle relay, and Melissa Jensen in the 200-yard freestyle relay.

Champs on the boys’ side included Tylar Madsen in the 100-yard backstroke and Sean Pearson in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Others who qualified for state included Savannah Weber and Stephen Gomez-Perez in the 100-yard butterfly, Tylar Madsen in the 50-yard freestyle, Jaxon Lindgren in the 200-yard freestyle, Stephen Gomez-Perez and Brennen Chappell in the 500-yard freestyle and Sean Pearson in the 200-yard individual medley.

The state meet is set for Saturday, Feb. 13, in Park City.

Results were as follows —

Boys — 100-yard fly— 2 Stephen Gomez-Perez, 1:00.43; 3 Brennen Chappell, 1:07.74; 9 Brigham Gomez-Perez, 1:16.48; 10 Canyon Douglas, 1:21.11.

100 breaststroke — 1 Sean Pearson, 1:10.79; 5 Hunter Schaub, 1:16.83; 8 Brigham Gomez-Perez, 1:21.11; 12 Caden Nordgren, 1:22.39.

200 freestyle — 2 Jaxon Lindgren, 2:11.34; 7 Caden Nordgren, 2:26.10; 10 Taylor Gleave, 2:49.56; 11 Chandler Morrill, 2:55.61.

200 individual medley — 2 Sean Pearson, 2:20.68; 5 Hunter Schaub, 2:40.47; 6 Canyon Douglas, 2:45.69;

50 freestyle— 3 Tylar Madsen, 24.06; 6 Micah Greenhalgh, 25.60; 9 Keldon Terry, 28.66; 14 Taylor Gleave 30.87;

100 Free— 4 Jaxon Lindgren, 56.42; 8 Keldon Terry, 1:05.33; 9 Connor Morrill, 1:06.74; 11 Kayde Morgan, 1:07.38.

500 Free — 2 Brennen Chappell, 6:07.69; 7 Micah Greenhalgh, 7:02.28; 8 Chandler Morrill, 8:18.85;

100 Back — 1 Tylar Madsen, 1:00.40; 6 Kayde Morgan, 1:20.29; 10 Connor Morrill, 1:27.74.

Girls — 200 freestyle — 3 Kasidee Cook, 2:44.57; 4 Emmaline Steele, 2:53.18.

200 individual medley — 1 Sophia Murdock, 2:44.88; 6 Elora Smith, 3:13.63; 8 Molly Holsclaw, 3:18.86.

50 freestyle — 3 Melissa Jensen, 27.98; 6 Brenley Tait, 31.62; 10 Kristen Crowther, 37.61.

100 fly — 2 Savannah Weber, 1:11.99; 8 Molly Holsclaw, 1:40.58.

100 freestyle — 1 Victoria Greenwood, 1:00.24; 6 Brenley Tait, 1:14.07.

500 freestyle — 5 Kasidee Cook, 7:54.44; 8 Elora Smith, 8:10.29.

100 backstroke — 1 Savannah Weber, 1:09.54; 4 Melissa Jensen, 1:19.41.

100 breaststroke — 1 Victoria Greenwood, 1:16.21; 4 Sophia Murdock, 1:23.94; 7 Kristen Crowther, 1:35.54; 9 Emmaline Steele, 1:40.24.

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