\Richfield High School’s Lady Wildcat swim team earned a silver finish at the Utah High School Activities Association’s 3A state competition held at Brigham Young University in Orem Friday and Saturday. The RHS boys’ swim team wrapped up the season with a bronze finish at the tourney. 

Carbon’s Lady Dinos won gold with 309 points. The Lady ’Cats followed with 273. Rowland Hall took home bronze, Emery finished in fourth place, followed by Judge Memorial to complete the top five girls’ teams. 

A mere three points determined the outcome for the top three boys’ teams – Union earned gold with 213 points. Judge Memorial followed with 212 for silver and then RHS’ ’Cats with 210 for the bronze. To wrap up the top five, North Summit finished in fourth place and Grand earned fifth place.

“This has honestly been an amazing year,” coach Christal Anderson said. “Going undefeated all year in the region for the boys, almost all year for the girls and then to the amazing finish at state was truly an awesome experience.” 

Aubri Kling is the first swimmer from RHS to win gold in an individual event at the state championship since Michael Vandesluis did in 2001. She took first place in the 100-yard freestyle event and second in the 200-yard freestyle. 

With Annalee Thompson, Marisol Mikesell and Alexis Kling, Aubri was the front leg member of two relay teams to earn gold. The four girls won the 200-yard freestyle relay and the 400-yard freestyle relay.

Levi Maxfield, Parker Hunt, Mac Ogden and Grant Kling finished in second place in the 200-yard freestyle relay. 

Individual results for the girls’ team are as follows – 

200-yard medley relay – 5. Lucrezia Fenino, McKyla Hatch, Tessa Myler and Brittan Tait.

200-yard freestyle – 2. Aubri Kling; 3. Annalee Thompson. 

200-yard individual medley – 5. Marisol Mikesell; 14. McKyla Hatch. 

50-yard freestyle – 13. Lucrezia Fenino. 

100-yard butterfly – 6. Tessa Myler; 12. Brittan Tait. 

100-yard freestyle – 1. Aubri Kling; 3. Alexis Kling.

500-yard freestyle – 4. Annalee Thompson. 

200-yard freestyle relay – 1. Aubri Kling, Annalee Thompson, Marisol Mikesell and Alexis Kling. 

100-yard backstroke – 4. Marisol Mikesell; 7. Alexis Kling.

100-yard breaststroke – 8. Tessa Myler; 13. McKyla Hatch. 

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Aubri Kling, Annalee Thompson, Marisol Mikesell and Alexis Kling.

When strategizing for state for the boys’ team, we actually thought it was going to be more difficult than the girls,” Anderson said. “But, our boys decided they were going to make it happen and they pushed harder than they ever have before. 

“They came out of the preliminaries in great positions, and we knew that it was going to be a tight race to the finish. Which, it was. It came down to the final race. We were up five points going into that race, and we didn’t have a great ranking for the 400 relay. We knew what we needed to win and hoped we could pull it off. Those boys swam faster than they have all year long, even when they had nothing left to give. 

“We ended up just short of what we needed, which put us in third place by three points. While, it was disappointing, I believe they are all winners. It could have gone a lot of ways and there were a lot of other races that played a part, but those boys gave it their all and finished strong.  This will be something they always remember.”

Individual results for the boys’ team are as follows – 

200-yard medley relay – 4. Seth Huntsman, Dawson Christensen, Levi Maxfield and Grant Kling.

200-yard freestyle – 4. Levi Maxfield; 16. Mac Ogden. 

200-yard individual medley – 6. Dawson Christensen. 

50-yard freestyle – 5. Grant Kling.

100-yard butterfly – 13. Braxten Anderson; 16. Colsen Jewkes. 

100-yard freestyle –  5. Grant Kling; 13. Parker Hunt.

500-yard freestyle – 3. Levi Maxfield; 7. Braxten Anderson; 9. Seth Huntsman. 

200-yard freestyle relay – 2. Levi Maxfield, Parker Hunt, Mac Ogden and Grant Kling.

100-yard backstroke – 12. Owen Knight; 14. Seth Huntsman. 

100-yard breaststroke – 11. Colsen Jewkes; 14. Dawson Christensen. 

400-yard freestyle relay – 6. Parker Hunt, Dawson Christensen, Seth Huntsman and Mac Ogden. 

“We’re losing five senior girls and six boys this year. Their example and determination will be greatly missed in the years to come,” Anderson said. “All of them left it all out their in that pool, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more as coaches and as a team. We will miss them immensely next year. They set a great example for the future and we are very proud of all their accomplishments this year.

Next year we hope to continue to grow our team.  We need swimmers and will continue to teach those who want to come join in on the fun. We’d love to continue with the wins and hopefully take state next year.”

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