Swim ’Cats chalk first win

The girls’ 200-yard medley relay team consisting of Marisol Mikesell, left; Aubri Kling, Tessa Myler and Alexis Kling set a new Richfield High School record with a time of 2:04.77 in Richfield Friday.

The Richfield High School’s swim team earned gold overall, as did the boys’ and girls’ teams separately in Richfield Friday afternoon. The girls’ team finished with 114, while the boys’ team finished with 102 points. The six-team meet was the first of the 2019-20 season for RHS. 

The girls’ 200-yard medley relay made a splash out of the gate setting a new RHS school record with a time of 2:04.77. 

“We are really excited for this season. We have a lot of returning swimmers and we added quite a few new swimmers this year,” said Christol Anderson, head coach. “They’ve been training hard and that hard work paid off this week in the pool. A school record we’ve been trying to beat for the past couple years was broken, and our kids had some great times for being the first meet.” 

Individual results for the girls’ team at Friday’s meet are as follows –

200-yard medley relay – 1. Marisol Mikesell, Aubri Kling, Tessa Myler and Alexis Kling; 3. Brittan Tait, McKyla Hatch, Annalee Thompson and Sierra Gleave; 6. Naomi Smith, Haylen Curley, Kayla Bolton and Tashina Blake. 

200-yard freestyle – 1. Aubri Kling; 3. Annalee Thompson; 4. Marisol Mikesell. 

200-yard individual medley – 1. Alexis Kling; 3. Tessa Myler. 

50-yard freestyle – 5. McKyla Hatch; 7. Brittan Tait; 11. Sierra Gleave; 22. Laila Swaim; 24. Halie Tracy; 28. Tashina Blake. 

100-yard butterfly – 2. Alexis Kling; 3. Andi Valk. 

100-yard freestyle –  1. Aubri Kling; 3. Tessa Myler; 15. Naomi Smith; 17. Haylen Curley; 18. Tashina Blake. 

500-yard freestyle – 1. Annalee Thompson; 4. Kayla Bolton.

100-yard backstroke – 1. Marisol Mikesell; 2. Brittan Tait; 8. Naomi Smith. 

100-yard breaststroke – 2. McKyla Hatch; 7. Andi Valk; 8. Haylen Curley. 

400-yard freestyle relay – 1. Marisol Mikesell, Tessa Myler, Annalee Thompson and Aubri Kling. 

Individual results for the boys’ team at Friday’s meet are as follows –

200-yard medley relay – 1. Owen Knight, Colsen Jewkes, Grant Kling and Trey Cunningham; 2. Levi Maxfield, Seth Huntsman, Mac Ogden and Parker Hunt; 6. Luke Jensen, Cameron Jewkes, Max Graf and Evan Lloyd. 

200-yard freestyle – 3. Seth Huntsman; 4. Parker Hunt; 7. Colsen Jewkes.

200-yard individual medley – 2. Grant Kling; 6. Colsen Jewkes. 

50-yard freestyle – 4. Mac Ogden; 6. Trey Cunningham; 7. Evan Lloyd; 9. Max Graf; 20. Spencer Morrill; 25. Luke Jensen; 26. Levi Christensen; 30. Breckyn Hopper; 31. Spencer Thompson; 32. Jaron Thomas. 

100-yard butterfly – 4. Grant Kling.

100-yard freestyle – 1. Levi Maxfield; 4. Parker Hunt; 14. Cameron Jewkes; 15. Carter Hunt; 18. Jaron Thomas. 

500-yard freestyle – 2. Isaak Ogden; 4. Max Graf. 

200-yard freestyle relay – 1. Grant Kling, Seth Huntsman, Parker Hunt and Levi Maxfield; 5. Isaak Ogden, Cameron Jewkes, Evan Llyoyd and Trey Cunningham; 9. Breckyn Hopper, Spencer Morrill, Jaron Thomas and Sean Lloyd; 10. Carter Hunt, Levi Christensen, Spencer Thompson and Luke Jensen. 

100-yard backstroke – 1. Levi Maxfield; 2. Owen Knight; 3. Trey Cunningham; 6. Breckyn Hopper.

100-yard breaststroke – 5. Seth Huntsman; 6. Owen Knight; 9. Cameron Jewkes; 11. Isaak Ogden; 17. Spencer Morrill; 18. Levi Christensen. 

“We’re looking forward to a great season and have some high goals for the team,” Anderson said. “We have an amazing group of kids and we love working with them and helping them reach those goals.”  

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