Swim ’Cats finish ninth

RHS’ 400-yard freestyle relay team of Sierra Gleave, left; McKyla Hatch, Tessa Myler and Brittan Tait celebrate their one-second relay win, which resulted in the team’s overall victory against Emery’s Lady Spartans in this archive photo.

Richfield High School’s swim team finished ninth at the all-division Red Rock Invitational in St. George Saturday. The 14-team invitational included high school teams from Wasatch, Skyline, Desert Hills, Snow Canyon, Payson, Cedar City, Crimson Cliffs, Canyon View, Dixie, Millard, Pine View, Maeser Preporatory Academy, Hurricane, Parowan, as well as the Richfield Wildcats. 

Individual results for the girls’ team are as follows – 

200-yard medley relay – 6. Alexis Kling, Aubri Kling, Annalee Thompson and Marisol Mikesell; 18. Aylianna Costa, McKyla Hatch, Brittan Tait and Tessa Myler. 

200-yard freestyle – 15. Annalee Thompson; 45. Naomi Smith; 46. Lucrezia Fenino.

200-yard individual medley – 9. Aubri Kling; 30. McKyla Hatch. 

50-yard freestyle – 15. Aubri Kling; 31. Tessa Myler.

100-yard butterfly – 8. Alexis Kling; 15. Brittan Tait; 20. Andi Valk.

100-yard freestyle – 28. Tessa Myler.

500-yard freestyle – 12. Annalee Thompson; 24. Brittan Tait; 27. Laila Swaim. 

200-yard freestyle relay – 16. Tessa Myler, McKyla Hatch, Brittan Tait and Lucrezia Fenino; 27. Laila Swaim, Andi Valk, Naomi Smith and Kayla Bolton.

100-yard backstroke – 11. Alexis Kling; 36. Aylianna Costa; 40. Lucrezia Fenino.

100-yard breaststroke – 22. Marisol Mikesell; 33. McKyla Hatch; 48. Andi Valk.

400-yard freestyle relay – 6. Aubri Kling, Annalee Thompson, Marisol Mikesell and Alexis Kling; 20. Lucrezia Fenino, Laila Swaim, Aylianna Costa and Kayla Bolton. 

Individual results for the boys’ team are as follows – 

200-yard medley relay – 11. Levi Maxfield, Colsen Jewkes, Grant Kling and Parker Hunt; 24. Max Graf, Brevan Anderson, Cameron Jewkes and Isaak Ogden; 25. Breckyn Hopper, Carter Hunt, Ethan Costa and Luke Jensen. 

200-yard freestyle – 10. Levi Maxfield; 36. Owen Knight; 37. Isaak Ogden; 44. Ethan Costa; 46. Bridger Morrill. 

200-yard individual medley – 19. Braxten Anderson; 21. Seth Huntsman; 22. Mac Ogden; 24. Colsen Jewkes. 

50-yard freestyle – 12. Grant Kling; 27. Parker Hunt. 

100-yard butterfly – 25. Dawson Christensen; 34. Brevan Anderson. 

100-yard freestyle – 21. Mac Ogden; 28. Seth Huntsman; 30. Owen Knight; 35. Max Graf. 

500-yard freestyle – 8. Levi Maxfield; 19. Isaak Ogden; 22. Dawson Christensen; 23. Parker Hunt. 

200-yard freestyle relay – 9. Seth Huntsman, Colsen Jewkes, Dawson Christensen and Mac Ogden; 20. Braxten Anderson, Isaak Ogden, Max Graf and Ownen Knight; 26. Ethan Costa, Luke Jensen, Carter Hunt and Brevan Anderson.

100-yard backstroke – 12. Grant Kling; 20. Colsen Jewkes; 26. Cameron Jewkes; 27. Spencer Thompson; 28. Caleb Baldwin. 

100-yard breaststroke – 40. Spencer Morrill; 41. Ethan Costa; 42. Luke Jensen. 

400-yard freestyle relay – 10. Grant Kling, Parker Hunt, Mac Ogden and Levi Maxfield; 14. Dawson Christensen, Braxten Anderson, Owen Knight and Seth Huntsman.

The swim ’Cats will travel to Cedar City to compete in the Cedar Invitational Friday and Saturday, Jan. 10-11, at 4 p.m. and 9 a.m., respectively. 

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