Rylan Crane to become a Redhawk

North Sevier High School’s Rylan Crane signs a letter of intent in Salina, Saturday. He is headed to Benedictine University in Mesa, Arizona, to play baseball as a Redhawk.

SALINA – North Sevier High School’s Rylan Crane signed a letter of intent in Salina, Saturday. He is headed to be a pitcher on the Redhawk baseball team at Benedictine University, which is located in Mesa, Arizona. 

Crane began playing baseball when he was four or five years old. The game was something he and his father enjoyed together. He went on to play on the North Sevier High School baseball team, as well as a traveling team during summers.

“This is something I have always wanted,” Crane said. “To play in college was a goal I set at a very young age and have pursued over the years. I am very grateful for the opportunity at hand. It would be amazing if this led to my being able to play beyond college.”

Crane said he is looking forward to playing in an atmosphere where the players are driven and committed to compete at that level and play the best ball they possibly can, while pursuing a business degree at the same time. He is also excited to experience college life and the adventures that will bring. 

“Knowing I was still going to play beyond high school, I was more devastated for my teammates when the season was cancelled than for myself,” Crane said. “It was astounding to me that something like this could or would affect playing baseball. I encourage them to look past the disappointment of this season and wish them the best of luck next year.” 

Crane said the coaches of Benedictine University located him on a recruiting website, Next College Student Athlete, and reached out to him. After which, his grandfather took him to Mesa to visit the campus and meet the coaches. 

“They apparently liked what they saw and made an offer,” Crane said. “They offered an allotted amount of money to apply to my expenses – tuition, housing, books, fees, etc.” 

Crane will be leaving for Mesa and Benedictine University at the end of July or beginning of August. 

“I want to make sure to thank my grandparents, Scott and Dana Shaw and Mabin and Mitzy Crane, for their endless support over the years,” Crane said. “Also, my parents, Dru and Destiny Crane, for everything they have done for me. I need to thank all of my coaches for all the time and effort they invest. In particular, Josh Robinson, for his commitment and efforts to the program and always encouraging players to work hard and be the best they can.” 

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