Wolves ready to hit the mat

Barry Smith

SALINA – North Sevier High School’s wrestling team is in the midst of preparing for the upcoming season to begin with back-to-back matches – the first will be against the Canyon View Falcons in Cedar City Wednesday, Dec. 4, and then a home mat match against the Emery Spartans in Salina, Thursday, Dec. 5. The Wolves will then travel to compete in the Iron Man Duels at Millard High School in Fillmore Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6 and 7. 

NSHS’ team consists of 29 wrestlers, eight of which are seniors. The season will begin with the Wolves ranked ninth in the 2A division. 

“We will fill a good roster and be competitive,” said Barry Smith, head coach. “I anticipate we will have a bunch of wrestlers that will be there at the end.” 

The team finished fourth at the 2A state tournament last season, after which they said goodbye to 12 seniors. However, the team has an influx of freshman joining the squad this season that have come up through North Sevier’s junior wrestling program and will hit the mat with considerable mat time under their belts. 

“Our wrestlers have an incredible work ethic,” Smith said. “I am excited to see how such plays into their success over the course of the season and carries over into the future.” 

The full schedule for North Sevier’s season can be viewed online at northsevierhighschool.weebly.com/wrestling or trackwrestling.com. 

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