The Richfield High School tennis program hosted an all ages and abilities tournament in Richfield, July 3 and 5. 

The tourney drew players from across the state of Utah, as well as California, Nevada and Indiana. 

The doubles segment of the tournament included 62 players, while the singles portion was comprised of 21 players. 

Results for the doubles section included – 

• Men’s doubles – Josh Apple and Scott Christiansen, first place; David Apple and Ben Greenfield, second place; and Parker Achenbach and Kendall Grassteit, third place. 

• Women’s doubles – Ellie Hair and Brynnlee Norris, first place; Robyn Reese and Shandyn Harris, second place; and Taylor Sorenson and Kylie Knutson, third place. 

Mixed doubles – Lisa Belnap and Cliff Peterson, first place; Broox Anderson and Korie Catmull, second place; and Sarah Harcourt and Will Harcourt, third place. 

High school doubles – Spencer Harmon and Sarah Utley, first place; Tyler Saunders and Preston Barclay, second place; and Parker Hunt and Madison Lewis, third place. 

Middle school doubles – Caleb Thalman and CJ Bogh, first place; Jessica Saunders and Dylan Barclay, second place; and Charlotte Poulsen and Emrie Sorenson, third place. 

Results for the singles section included – 

• Men’s division – TJ Gadd, first place; Parker Achenbach, second place; and Tyler Saunders, third place. 

• Women’s division ­– Sarah Utley, first place; and Ellie Hair, second place. 

• Middle school boy’s division – Bruce Gomez, first place; Jaxon DeMille, second place; and Hunter Moore, third place. 

Middle school girl’s division – Jessica Saunders, first place; Savannah Saunders, second place; and Madi DeMille, third place. 

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