MONROE – The South Sevier High School’s wrestling team took down inter-county rivals, the Richfield Wildcats, 37-31, on the ’Cats’ mat in Richfield, Friday night. Prior to the duel with the SSHS Rams, the ’Cats won a tough bout against the Enterprise Wolves, 34-33, Jan. 21. 

Wrestlers from the Rams’ and the ’Cats’ teams competed in the two-day Rockwell Rumble tournament in Farmington, Jan. 17-18. The tourney consisted of wrestlers from 70 plus teams in all divisions from across the state of Utah.

Individual results by weight class for the duel between the Rams and the Cats are as follows – 

• 106, Dayson Torgerson (RHS) won by forfeiture.

• 113, Garrin Lord (RHS) defeated Mason Gardner (SSHS) by fall in 5:00. 

• 120, Denim Torgerson (RHS) won by forfeiture.

• 126, Cole Peterson (SSHS) defeated Hesston Gleave (RHS) by decision, 15-10. 

• 132, Ryker Ogden (RHS) defeated Parker Brian (SSHS) by major decision, 13-4.

• 138, Triston Fillmore (SSHS) defeated Jaren Marquardson (RHS) by technical fall, 16-0.

• 145, Jett High (SSHS) defeated Dominic Rolph by decision, 6-3.

• 152, Jordan Snyder (RHS) defeated Keston Johnson (SSHS) by sudden victory, 9-7.

• 160, Jaxin Torgerson (SSHS) defeated Carston Jensen (RHS) by major decision, 13-4.

• 170, Ethan Richardson (SSHS) defeated Nathan Sorensen (RHS) by fall in 0:58.

• 182, Taylor Hunt (SSHS) defeated Wyatt Harvey (RHS) by fall in 1:50.

• 195, Lex Leany (RHS) defeated Bryce Healey (SSHS) by fall in 3:35.

• 220, Christopher Good (SSHS) defeated Dalton Boyter (RHS) by fall in 1:35.

• 285, Kemmer Jones (SSHS) defeated Greg Hurley (RHS) by major decision, 8-0.

Individual results by weight class for the mat ’Cats against the Enterprise Wolves are as follows – 

• 106, Dayson Torgerson defeated Rugar Bagley by fall in 0:36.

• 113, Garrin Lord defeated Parker Bollinger by major decision, 10-0.

• 120, Denim Torgerson defeated Caleb Leavitt by decision, 6-1.

• 126, Hesston Gleave defeated Dallen Jeddy Crittenden by decision, 10-6.

• 132, Ryker Ogden was defeated by Braxton Messersmith by fall in 3:40.

• 138, Jaren Marquardson was defeated by James Hall by fall in 1:52.

• 145, Dominic Rolph defeated Hunter Tullis by fall in 3:04. 

• 152, Jordan Snyder defeated Deklyn Strong by decision, 3-2. 

• 160, Carston Jensen defeated Samuel Rowley by decision, 5-0. 

• 170, Nathan Sorenson was defeated by Antonio Bryant Jimenez by fall in 4:23. 

• 182, Wyatt Harvey was defeated by Dixon Bagley by fall in 1:12. 

• 195, Lex Leany defeated Chase Adams by fall in 3:51.

• 220, Dalton Boyter was defeated by Davis Bracken by fall in 0:29. 

• 285, Greg Hurley was defeated by Colten Burch by decision, 9-3. 

Top finishers for the ’Cats at the Rockwell Rumble included – 

• 106, Dayson Torgerson – won five of six matches, finished in second place and scored 26 team points. Two wins were by fall; two by decision, 5-4 and 7-0; one via a bye. His loss to American Fork’s Dallan Hunsaker was by fall during the championship match in 2:43. 

• 120, Denim Torgerson – won seven of eight matches, finished in third place and scored 25.5 team points. Two wins were by fall; one by technical decision; three by decision, 6-0, 1-0 and 4-2; one by injury. His loss was to Payson’s Cole Jensen by decision, 6-4. 

• 160, Carston Jensen – won three of five matches and scored nine team points. All three wins were by fall. One loss was by fall and one by decision, 9-3. 

Top finishers for the Rams at the Rockwell Rumble included – 

• 132, Triston Fillmore – won six of nine matches, finished in sixth place and scored 17 team points. Three wins were by fall and three by decision, 3-1, 7-1, and 6-3, respectively. One loss was by fall; one by decision, 5-2; and one by sudden victory.

• 285, Kemmer Jones – won four of seven matches, finished in sixth place and scored 17 team points. Two wins were by fall, one by injury default and one via a bye. One loss was by decision, 10-3; and two by injury default. 

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