Somber seniors – Spring season squashed for high school seniors – Tracen Winkel

Tracen Winkel, a pitcher and third baseman on the South Sevier High School baseball team –

“I was really looking forward to playing with my teammates, hanging out with the coaches and winning some ball games this season,” Winkel said. “It is disappointing not being able to finish my senior year and miss out on all the last experiences of my high school days. I miss being around my friends and classmates.” 

Winkel said that while he has enjoyed having a slightly altered schedule, meaning waking up and staying up later, he finds it more difficult to do the assignments without a teacher to ask questions to and get answers from in real time. 

“It is a bit odd to do the work by myself,” Winkel said. “Yet, I do like working at my own pace and being able to take my time to make sure I am happy with my work before submitting it.”

While Winkel understands the current situation is the best for everyone’s health, he would still like to enjoy some sort of graduation celebration and that students look forward to walking in their cap and gown to celebrate their achievements and high school experiences.

“I really want to thank all my coaches and teammates for making high school memorable,” Winkel said. “And, of course my parents for all their support over the years, the hours and hours of traveling with me and for always believing in me.” 

Winkel plans to attend Dixie State College and major in biology with the hopes of getting into medical school and becoming a pediatrician in the future. 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, schools transitioned to an online schooling format in an effort to prevent the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. 

Upon in-school learning being brought to a halt for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, the Utah High School Activities Association announced the official cancellation of all high school spring sports – baseball, softball, soccer, track and field, tennis and golf.

The cancellation of the spring season has been difficult and disappointing for all high school athletes, yet has been particularly hard on high school seniors who had their last hurrah taken away without notice. 

Various senior athletes from the Sevier School District have shared their thoughts and perspective on having their final high school season of spring sports canceled in the blink of an eye, as well as adjusting to online schooling – 

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