SALINA – The 2020 Miss North Sevier pageant was held at North Sevier High School in Salina, Friday night. Nine participants vied for the title. Lily Nielsen, daughter of Jesse and Jaymie Nielsen, Redmond, was crowned Miss North Sevier. Jayda Neilsen, daughter of Jeff and Bree Neilsen, Redmond, was named first attendant. Hannah Coates, daughter of Ryan and Jodie Coates, Aurora, was named second attendant. Presley Williams, daughter of Lance and Jacey Christensen, Salina, and Buddy and Kristi Williams, Richfield, was named third attendant. 

Madison Foote reigned as Miss North Sevier through 2019. She relinquished the title to Nielsen at the pageant Friday night. 

 “It is always sad to see such a wonderful queen like Madi move on,” said Charlyn Roberts, pageant director. “Madi has done such a wonderful job throughout the year as queen. She has been a great role model to the youth in our area and was always willing to do anything the community asked of her. We are excited to see where life takes her and thank her for all that she has done. She has left big footsteps to follow in, but we have no doubt Lily and her royalty are up for the challenge. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Lily and her attendants throughout this next year.” 

The Miss North Sevier scholarship pageant consists of five categories which vary in weight of the overall scoring – an individual interview, which accounts for 35 percent; swimsuit accounts for 10 percent; talent accounts for 35 percent; on-stage interview accounts for five percent; and evening gown accounts for 15 percent. 

For the first time in decades the swimsuit competition was part of the pageant’s evening production, as opposed to being after the interview portion of the competition and semi-private in the afternoon. 

“I’ve always loved pageants, but coming back as the MC was an amazing experience,” said Lillian Shaheen, mistress of ceremonies and former pageant director. “It was fun seeing the pageant from that side – I loved it.” 

“I was also excited to see the swimsuit competition back in the evening part of the pageant. I believe it shows such confidence and poise in the girls. It truly rounded out the whole evening. This Miss North Sevier committee is a great bunch of women and put on a great evening.”

During her reign as Miss North Sevier, Nielsen will participate in a variety of community events and service activities including the Eyes to the Sky Hot Air Balloon Festival, North Sevier Health Fair, parades and activities for July 4th and 24th and the Sevier County Fair.

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