Cookie tradition marks first day of school

Heather Juluson passes out cookies to children as they get off the bus after their first day of school Aug. 15. The cookie tradition has grown on Juluson’s street in the years since she started.

A tradition that began as a family affair has grown to include an entire Richfield neighborhood.

When Heather Juluson’s oldest son started going to school, she welcomed him home on the first day of the school year with a plate of warm cookies. 

“I began to think about the other kids’ whose moms have to work,” Juluson said. “They deserve a cookie too.”

Since the bus stop is right next to her house, it was a simple matter to take platters of cookies to the corner. As the tradition has grown, so has the cookie selection.

Chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, Rice Krispy treats and other homemade goodies populate the plates, which are taken out to the bus stop so that every child in the neighborhood can have a treat after their first day.

Once all the children got off the bus and had a cookie, Juluson hopped onboard and handed out treats to all the children who had to ride to other stops.

Other neighborhood children who don’t ride the bus were also invited to have a cookie. 

“One year we forgot if it was the first day or the last day of school, so now we do it on both,” Juluson said.

Students in Sevier School District resumed their studies Aug. 15. 

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