At times it may feel a bit like a maze as crews shutdown roads so they can be repaired, resurfaced or in some cases rebuilt throughout Richfield City.

The city is actually undergoing several projects at once. 

The first, and largest, is its street maintenance project. Funded in part through a Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board package, the project is a $4 million investment in Richfield’s infrastructure, said Matt Creamer, city manager.

Parts of the project have been completed, such as the reconstruction of Flying J Drive on the north end of town. For years the road has been bumpy and wavy due to heavy truck traffic. The road was completely excavated so that a more stable base could be installed, which should make the road smoother and last longer, Creamer said.

“UDOT [Utah Department of Transportation] helped by putting $80,000 into that portion of the project,” Creamer said. 

Other parts are being finished piece by piece as subcontractors complete their obligations, Creamer said. 

“Everything is about on schedule,” Creamer said. 

Another project that is now complete is the installation of a traffic signal at 1300 South and College Avenue. 

The traffic signal is a project that has been many years in the making, Creamer said. 

“As soon as the city got its portion completed, UDOT was right there to install the signal,” Creamer said. The city was obligated to widen College Avenue to make room for turning lanes prior to the installation of the signal.

The other project is the third part of a three-phase rehabilitation of 100 East in Richfield. That project is approximately three days behind due to some soft spots being found underneath the road, which has been completely torn up from 300 to 500 South and to the west to Main Street. The 100 East reconstruction is being built using federal funds. 

However, while progress is being made, construction is expected to continue for several weeks, Creamer said. 

“They plan on paving up until Thanksgiving,” Creamer said. He said if things continue at the current rate, all of Richfield’s roads should be buttoned up and complete by winter.

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