Four Points opens doors – New health center prepared to serve community

Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce members gather at Four Points Health in Richfield Friday for a ribbon cutting. The new facility features a pharmacy, clinic and dental office.

A five-year journey officially reached its end Friday as Four Points Health hosted an opening ceremony.

Four Points Community Health is designed to be a one-stop healthcare service for those who are insured and those who are not. A sliding fee scale will be offered to those who are not able to afford services, or who are underinsured. 

“A person may want to opt not to use their insurance and just pay out of pocket on the sliding scale,” said Rich Persons, medical director for the facility. 

The building includes areas for a medical clinic, mental and behavior health, dental and even a pharmacy. Each portion accepts all insurances. 

The pharmacy’s sliding scale is made possible by the federally funded 340 B program, which is designed to provide discounted drugs to people who need them.

“It means a lot to us to be able to provide quality healthcare to the community,” said Paiute Tribe Chairperson Tamra Borchardt-Slayton. 

While the Paiute Tribe owns the facility, it is focused on providing community-wide services.

“This is a tremendous thing for our community,” said Utah Sen. Ralph Okerlund. “It really does hit on the four points of your over all health — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

While a few details remain to be completed, the clinic and pharmacy are open to the public.

Richfield Mayor David Ogden welcomed the new facility.

“Thanks for thinking so much of us to come to this corner and make it beautiful,” Ogden said.  

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