Chase ends with injuries

A totaled Chevrolet Silverado rests on a canal bank following a chase in Richfield New Year’s Eve. A 14-year-old was driving the vehicle at the time, according to police.

A 14-year-old male is starting the New Year with injuries and the possibility of criminal charges after leading police on a chase through Richfield’s streets Dec. 31. 

Charges against the boy, Sigurd, are under review by the Sevier County Attorney’s Office. 

The chase started following reports of a pickup truck coated in mud driving erratically on Interstate 70, said Richfield City Police Chief Trent Lloyd. 

Officers spotted the truck in Richfield at approximately 100 South and Main Street. The driver refused to pull over, and officers pursued the truck behind Richfield High School, eventually to 500 North. 

“Our guys had backed off because he was driving so fast,” Lloyd said. The driver kept driving east on 500 South. 

“The road stopped, but he didn’t,” Lloyd said. The street ends with a berm and a canal, which the truck jumped. 

“When the officers got there, he had already jumped out of the truck, but he collapsed,” Lloyd said. 

The juvenile suspect had suffered several injuries, including a possibly broken femur, Lloyd said. 

The truck had been stolen from the USG campus in Sigurd. 

Charges against the youth are being reviewed, but will likely include vehicle theft, reckless driving, several traffic violations and evading, Lloyd said. 

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