MONROE — The aspen regeneration project on Monroe Mountain is decelerating following rainstorms that hit the region last week.

“Prescribed fires are still burning, but with recent precipitation they are slowing down for the season,” said Jill Ivie, Central Utah Interagency Fire range technician. She said more precipitation hinders the potential spread of the fires.

“Looking ahead, the Richfield Ranger District is done with broadcast burning for this fall on the south Monroe prescribed fire project,” Ivie said. In the coming weeks, the district plans to burn approximately 70 acres of piles near Big Flat. 

The Big Flat burn could happen as early as this week. There are also 900 acres slated for burning near Magleby Pass in the weeks to come.

So far the Richfield Ranger District has treated 10,442 acres on the south Monroe project this fall.  

“With significant precipitation entering the area, crews have pulled all equipment and signs off the hill,” Ivie said. More precipitation is in the forecast for this week, which will continue to extinguish the fires. 

“The Fishlake National Forest would like to thank the public, nearby residents, our partners and neighboring agencies for their support during the south Monroe prescribed fire project,” Ivie said. “Prescribed fires like this are one of the most effective tools available to resource managers for restoring fire-adapted ecosystems. Prescribed fires mimic natural fires by reducing accumulations of hazard fuels, recycling nutrients and increasing habitat diversity.”

The fires are part of a larger project aimed at restoring aspen throughout the Monroe Mountain area. 

They were also undertaken to mitigate risk of high-severity wildfire, provide community protection and promote watershed and forest health, Ivie said. 

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