Automobile crash disrupts retail outlet

Police and firefighters work to help the victims of an accident in Richfield Sept. 12. The accident knocked out a power box, which resulted in the power at the Richfield Walmart being knocked out for several hours.

An accident in Richfield disrupted one of the area’s largest businesses for several hours Sept. 12. 

The accident resulted in Walmart’s power being knocked out for several hours. 

“We have procedures to prevent product loss,” said Casey Staheli, Walmart spokesperson. However, when it comes to food products, Staheli said Walmart doesn’t take chances, and the majority of the store’s refrigerated and frozen goods had to be disposed of.

“It comes down to the temperature reaching a certain point,” Staheli said. He said once the temperature reaches that point, the food’s quality and safety can’t be guaranteed.

Walmart does not disclose losses, Staheli said. The store’s refrigerated and frozen sections remained sparse through most of the weekend. However, Staheli said the company is working to restock all items in as timely a manner as possible.

The accident occurred when a 2017 Chevy Malibu driven by Belinda Edmonson, 37, Centerfield, left the roadway near the intersection of 100 East and 1300 South, according to the Richfield City Police Department. The car crashed into an electrical box, crushing it.

“The driver was driving east when she suffered a seizure,” said Lt. Alan DeMille, Richfield City Police Department. He said injuries were minor, but the driver was transported to Sevier Valley Hospital in Richfield due to medical issues.

Edmonson and the two passengers in the Malibu used seat belts. 

Rocky Mountain Power responded to the scene and repaired the power box.

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