4H offering computers for homework

Cori Hicks offers one of the Sevier County 4H laptops for checkout March 12. The 4H program has several laptops available for students in kindergarten through 12th grade who need them to complete school assignments during the COVID-19 crisis.

Public school students are now in their second week of a soft closure, meaning they are trying to keep up with their studies using online resources.

For teachers, this means a scramble to find lessons and online materials they can use to fulfill the syllabus. 

However, some children may not have access to computers or may have to share computers with siblings.  

In order to help address the need for computers, the Sevier County 4H is allowing people to check out their laptops. 

“Our first priority is to support parents and children in their education efforts,” said Janette Wagner, youth program director for the Sevier County 4H program. 

Laptop computers can be reserved online at utah.4Honline.com from 4H participants’ family page in the events dropdown — “Laptop Checkout.” 

Laptops can be picked up at the 4H offices between 8 a.m. and noon and 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We have them available,” Wagner said. There is no charge to check out the laptops, but parents will need to agree to the following stipulations — 

• Permission to check out any specific piece of equipment is at the discretion of the program coordinator.

• Use of the equipment must be related directly to school performance. Use of 4H equipment for business, for-profit activities is not allowed.

• All equipment must be returned to the Extension Office by April 8, unless an extension is granted by the program coordinator.

• Equipment may not be checked out for use by anyone other than a k-12 student.

• No software may be installed on or removed from any computer without specific permission from the program coordinator. Home Wi-Fi networks may be added.

• No software may be copied from the computer and placed on any other computer.

• If software settings are altered in any way, they must be returned to their original state before the equipment is returned.

• Return the equipment in clean condition. Food, drink and dirty hands should be kept away from the computer.

• The 4H parent who checked out the equipment is not liable for equipment problems that are determined by the program coordinator to be due to normal use. Any problem should be immediately reported to the program coordinator by calling (435) 893-0478.

• Parents who check out computers are liable for all costs of repair or replacement if the equipment is damaged or lost through accidental harm, misuse, theft, fire, etc.

• If the computer is used to access the Internet, Sevier County 4H expects that the school district acceptable use policy will be followed.

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