Progress made on park

Crews work on a new park project at 500 North and 600 East in Richfield Monday afternoon. Curb, gutter and asphalt around the park are due to be completed this fall.

Richfield City’s newest city park is progressing, at least along the perimeter.

Curb, gutter and sidewalk have been installed around the block where the new park is due to be located.

The improvements are being installed thanks to a Community Development Block Grant, amounting to an approximately $300,000 project, said Mike Langston, city financial director.

In addition to the visible street side improvements, the city is installing water and sewer lines as part of the project.

Plans call for the city to plant the block with grass and install irrigation to water the grass. 

The city council called for public comments for what the new park should include. However, the final development of what the park will include is pending.

“We likely won’t have the money to develop the park for three or four years,” Langston said. However, with a lawn, it will keep the lot from filling with weeds and allow for at least some of the landscaping to be established.

This would allow grass to be established and to mature, while keeping weeds down and giving the city time to decide exactly what needs to be done with the new park.

The new park is the result of a donation to the city.

The family of Adolph and Henrietta Nielson conveyed an entire city block to Richfield for $10 in June 2018, with the condition that the property be used for a new public park.

 The estimated worth of the property could be up to $500,000.

(2) comments

TC Chris

500k for an isolated lot ,432 ft. X 432 ft.?

Delusion is fun for some.

Put it on the market for the real valuation.

TC Chris

I'm sorry sometimes I can't find my way out of the blinders!

We all deserve a place to be able to walk to and just enjoy what we all lent a in providing.

I hope this new park is a wonderful addition to our community .

I'm sure it will be.

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