Barney Trucking recognized

Barney trucking representatives receive a framed certificate for being selected as one of Zions Bank’s Speaking on Business Top Businesses for 2018 at a luncheon in Salt Lake City, Friday. On hand for the event were Chris Redgrave, senior vice president of community relations at Zions Bank, left; Layne Barney, Brad Barney, David Price and Rob Brough, executive vice president at Zions Bank.

SALINA – Barney Trucking was recognized as one of the state’s best examples of entrepreneurship, earning a spot among Zions Bank’s Speaking on Business Top Businesses for 2018. 

Barney Trucking was among 10 Utah companies honored by the radio program Chris Redgrave, the program’s host, and Zions Bank Executive Vice President David Price, presented the awards at a luncheon in Salt Lake City, Friday.

Barney Trucking’s fleet of trucks travel more than 38 million miles annually, transporting coal and other bulk materials, aggregates, liquids and dry hazard chemicals. On average, the 72-year-old company delivers a load every two and a half minutes. 

“Businesses like Barney Trucking not only form the backbone of our economy, they are elevating life for all of us through their problem solving, innovation and insightfulness,” said Chris Redgrave, Zions Bank senior vice president of community relations. 

The Speaking on Businesses radio program features a wide variety of businesses and has showcased approximately 7,000 businesses in Idaho and Utah since 1997. It airs on KSL NewsRadio, KVSC 980, KWUT 97.7 and 17 other radio stations across Idaho and Utah. 

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