The Richfield Fire Department was dispatched to help a 16-year-old youth who was stuck in the mud in an area known as Jeb’s Hole west of Richfield Sunday afternoon.

The call came at approximately 3:45 p.m. when Richfield City Police Officer Colton Thompson drove up to Jeb’s Hole to check on a car that was parked in the area.

“He was just up there doing his job and heard some kids,” said Richfield City Police Chief Trent Lloyd. “So he went over to see what was going on.”

Thompson found that the youth had been swimming and got stuck in a muddy area of the canal bank. 

“Pretty soon the boy’s dad showed up because it was time for him to come home,” Lloyd said. However, both Thompson and the youth’s father were unable to extricate the boy from the mud. 

“He was starting to complain that it was hurting his legs and he was getting cold due to the water,” Lloyd said. 

The fire department was dispatched to the scene, but was unable to yank the boy out initially. Firefighters then used a hose to blast away enough of the mud to loosen it, allowing the boy to be pulled clear of the canal bank.

This was the second extrication the fire department has responded two in as many weeks. 

The first was a 17-year-old female who climbed into one of the baby swings at the Richfield Rotary Park’s west playground. 

The girl was unable to get herself out of the swing. Firefighters responded and had to remove the swing and pry it off of her.

“I’d rather we have to respond to situations like this that might be a little embarrassing than something where someone is seriously hurt,” Lloyd said.

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