Snow College facilities now open

Snow College’s Executive Director, Richfield campus, Heidi Stringham, thanked and updated chamber members during a Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce meeting held at Frontier Village, June 10.

Snow College Richfield’s executive director, Heidi Stringham, updated chamber members during a Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce meeting held June 10. 

“We are excited to share our opening up to the public, June 15,” Stringham said. “Buildings are unlocked and offices are available … they have been available this whole time, but it has been through conferencing or phone calls.”

Stringham said, some summer classes have started, and that some of the changes that will be seen on campus include social distancing and mask wearing by students and employees to keep them safe. 

“In the spring, we started a Snow Cares initiative to help our students through the process,” Stringham said. “It was a huge calling campaign where each student at both our campuses was reached out to multiple times to see how they were doing, what their needs were, if they had concerns and how we could assist with their needs. The initiative continued with mailing campaigns. 

“Another calling campaign will take place this summer to make sure students are set for this fall,” Stringham said. “We will call new freshman, as well as current students to show we are prepared and ready. We will also ask if there is anything we can do to help them have a successful experience. We are working really hard to make that happen.”

Snow College invested a lot of time and effort looking at new graph programs over the summer. Some of the standouts being developed include medical assistant, cyber security and coding, according to Stringham. 

“We are really excited and continue to make progress with the new graph programs,” Stringham said. “We are looking to get those developed over the summer and are excited about offering them.

“We anticipate and are working on plans to have classes in session and students on campus this fall,” Stringham said. “We appreciate everyone’s help and support. We would like to offer a special thanks to Ensign staffing for the scholarships they have offered our students,” Stringham said. “It is really appreciated and we know the students do too. We welcome any businesses to support our students and help them through their experience.”

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