Council hears antenna request – New council members take oath of office

Richfield City Council members Todd Gleave, left, Kip Hansen and Kathy Christensen take the oath of office as administered by city manager/recorder Michele Jolley Jan. 14. Gleave and Hansen take the place of Richard Barnett and Kevin Arrington, who both decided not to run for reelection.

A proposal to place a high-speed Internet antenna on Richfield City’s primary water tank was given preliminary approval during a meeting Jan. 14.

The equipment wouldn’t require any modifications to the tank, and actually would be placed on a rubber mat to protect the tank from any potential of wear and tear, said Matt Beard, representative for InfoWest. 

“We want to use this location due to the location and height,” Beard said. He said utilizing the water tower’s location will allow for better line of site for InfoWest customers. 

The antenna would weigh approximately 300 pounds and be situated on an eight-foot square base. Beard said similar structures can be found on municipal water tanks throughout the state.

“It’s very common,” Beard said.

Members of the city council and staff said they were still concerned about allowing the antenna to be installed. 

“We want to make sure the tank can hold it,” said Connie Nielsen, council member. She said she is concerned about protecting the city’s culinary water.

“I don’t want to see multiple structures up there,” said Keith Mogan, public works director. If InfoWest is allowed to use the tank, other companies would likely follow, which could lead to problems, Mogan said. 

Bryan Burrows, council member, made a motion that the antenna be approved contingent on an engineering review to make sure that the structure won’t have any negative impact on the city’s infrastructure.

The council approved it.

In other business, the council —

• Welcomed Kip Hansen and Todd Gleave to the council. They were sworn into office along with incumbent Christensen. 

“I’m so thankful to be a part of a community like Richfield,” Hansen said. He and Gleave ran for office in November 2019, and take the seats formerly occupied by Richard Barnett and Kevin Arrington, both of whom opted not to seek reelection.

• Received its annual audit report from the Kimball and Roberts accounting firm. The audit revealed that the city is well run, with good internal controls over how money is handled, according to Rick Roberts, accountant.

• Approved a contract for the trimming of trees along Main Street. The trees will be thinned to allow better visibility of signs on buildings.

• Hosted a public hearing for a proposal to contribute money so a performance of “The Lamb of God” can be hosted at the Sevier Valley Center March 22 at 7 p.m.

“It is a musical presentation of the final day in the life of Jesus Christ,” said Shanna Hawley, organizer of the performance. She said the performance is a non-denominational, community based effort.

“It’s an opportunity to bring people in the valley together,” Hawley said. She said people from across Sevier County are invited to participate in or attend the performance, which will be free of charge.

“It’s just a wonderful portrayal of principals and faith building concepts,” said Brian Barton, who spoke in favor of the performance. 

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