Taking out the trash – Garbage collection stays the same for now, but could change

A White’s Sanitation Inc. truck travels through Richfield Friday. For now service is staying the same, but as the COVID-19 crisis develops, garbage collection could be limited to just what fits in the WSI provided containers.

For years, White’s Sanitation Inc. has prided itself on willingness to take just about anything within reason during normal garbage collection. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, White’s is planning for the possibility of having to change how garbage is collected.

“For right now nothing is changing,” said Taylor White of WSI. However, if cases of COVID-19 are detected in Sevier or Sanpete counties, White’s has a plan in place. 

Instead of hauling away extras, all garbage collection will be limited to what can fit inside the garbage cans provided by WSI. 

The reason is to protect WSI’s employees from potential exposure. 

“Our people are exposed to everyone’s waste in two counties every week,” White said. The WSI containers can be emptied using the lifting mechanism on the garbage trucks — allowing workers to stay in the cabs of the trucks.

“Anything else has to be loaded by hand,” White said. “That exposes our guys, and we don’t want that.”

White said exposures could lead to employees being put on quarantine status, which could potentially cause problems. 

“If we do make that change, we will do everything we can to let people know,” White said. “It would be temporary and we’d go back to regular service as soon as we could.” 

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