For the past six years, a scholarship fashion show has pushed cosmetology students at Snow College Richfield to their creative limits.

“A lot of us don’t realize what we can do without being pushed to the max,” said Amanda Wood, faculty member at Snow Richfield.  “It shows them that they can do hard things.”

The show, which was hosted Nov. 26, in the Sevier Valley Center, allowed 31 students to show off not only their cosmetology skills, but also their eye for design in composing a presentation.

“They have to put everything together, including finding the music,” Wood said. She said some of the students started with a song and worked their way backward from it.

“They all had a reason for what they chose,” Wood said. 

The fashion show requires students to recruit a model, who will display the hair, makeup, nails and wardrobe selected by the student.

“The ones who are the most successful are the ones who are upfront,” Wood said. She said recruiting models helps with skills not necessarily taught in the classroom — getting students comfortable with stepping out of the box.

“A person doesn’t go back to a hair dresser just because this one is better than that one,” Wood said. “It’s often the connection they make with the client.”

The fashion show represents a semester’s worth of work as students have to display the skills they have learned in an often-exaggerated way.

“I’m blown away each year by their creativity,” Wood said.

This year’s show ended with Ciera Taylor winning the audience choice award compiled through a text-in vote, as well as the Characters of the Unknown category with Ice Cream Dream as modeled by Jessi Allred.

Halee Hunt won the Your Darkest Nightmares division with her Christmas Nightmare, as modeled by Charlee Sorenson. The Goblin King, as modeled by Stran Beeler, earned first place in Ruling Royalty for Ashlynne Jensen.

In the Predators category, Brynlee Sorensen won with her 100 Warrior design modeled by Kortnee Sorenson.

Tylee Brown’s Perfect Peppy Peacock won the Beauty of Nature category as modeled by Marnee Johnson. Payton Larsen’s Te Fiti won the Mythical Legends category with help from model Lily Nielsen. See more pictures on page 2B. 

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