Building permit numbers in Sevier County remained steady in 2019 as 60 permits for new homes were issued, with a total value of approximately $14.163 million. 

This is similar to 2018 when the county’s building department issued 61 building permits with a total value of some $14.85 million. 

However, the largest portion of the county’s building permits is commercial, with a total of seven permits issued for projects with a total of $90.456 million. The primary driver of the commercial permits during 2019 was a solar farm near Sigurd, which is estimated to carry a value of $89.6 million.

Monroe City accounted for 20 of the new home permits with a value of $3.83 million issued in 2019, while 22 of the permits were issued for homes in the unincorporated portions of the county — including two cabins — with a value of $6 million.

Annabella saw five permits for new homes issued in 2019 with a value of $1.29 million, followed by Aurora with three at $752,000, Central Valley with two at $613,000, Elsinore with two at $340,000 and Redmond with two at $418,000.

Glenwood had one new permit issued for a $199,000 home, as did Koosharem ($239,000), Salina ($239,000) and Sigurd ($221,000).

Richfield City’s building permit numbers are not included in the county totals. 

Richfield issued permits for 10 new residential buildings with a total value of some $2.715 million. 

This is two more than the city had in 2018, when the city issued eight permits with a total value of $2 million.

It also had three commercial permits for a total of $1.72 million in 2019, including a new building, a mechanical upgrade and a carport addition. 

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