The Sevier Valley Trailblazers take a break Sept. 2 west of Richfield. The team includes coaches Jeff Sorenson, front left; Megan Sorenson, Heather Newby, Victor Murdock, Colton Ogden and Dan Hawley and team members Kaden Hampton, back left; Brooklyn Newby, Jaemyn Nielson, Paige Crane, Ayiden Christiansen, Kris Parslow, Jamen Friant, Gaige Brindley, Kaden Finlinson, Stetsen Hart and Racyn Ogden.

The Sevier Valley Trailblazers are bringing a new sport to town.

The team has members from Richfield, South Sevier and North Sevier high schools hitting the pedals a couple times each week at practice, as well as at large scale races.

As part of the Utah High School Mountain Biking league, the Trailblazers compete in statewide races that draw more than 1,000 riders, said Dan Hawley, volunteer coach.

“We’d love to have more riders,” Hawley said. He said the team was started as a way to give youths with an interest in cycling an opportunity to share their sport while competing. The team is open to all youths in grades seven through 12.

The mountain biking league is in its fourth year of operation in the state of Utah. The group was organized in 2011 under the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

In all, there are 67 teams in the state of Utah competing in five races for the high school athletes, and three races for middle school athletes. The races are hosted between August and October 2015.

Hawley said eventually the Trailblazers would like to host one of the state’s races in Sevier County.

As for now, the team is continuing to establish itself. The next race is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26, in Moab.

Participation in the races does have a cost — $50 per race for a total of approximately $300 per season, Hawley said. However, Hawley said people who are interested in trying out the sport are welcome to attend the team practices, which take place at 6 p.m., each Monday and Wednesday in the parking lot at the intersection of College Avenue and 300 North in Richfield.

Participants are required to furnish their own bicycle and equipment.

The regular season is due to wrap up with a race at Eagle Mountain Saturday, Oct. 10, with the state championships set for Saturday, Oct. 24 in St. George.

Members of the team who are competing in the middle school races include Brooklyn Newby, Paige Crane, Kris Parslow, Jamen Friant, Racyn Ogden and Stetsen Hart.

High school participants include Cody Quitter, Kaden Hampton, Jaemyn Nielson, Gaige Brindley, Kaden Finlinson and Ayiden Christiansen.

For more information, contact coaches Jeff Sorenson at (435) 201-0086, or Colton Ogden at (435) 817-7733, or log onto and search for Sevier Valley Trailblazers.

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