A traffic stop turned into anything but routine Friday evening in Richfield.

The stop was initially made by an officer who observed a vehicle not stopping at a stop sign along 400 West in Richfield. 

The officer pulled the car over at approximately 400 South and recognized one of the people in the car was a suspect with multiple arrest warrants, said Richfield City Police Chief Trent Lloyd.

“One was a no-bail, board of pardons warrant, which meant he was going to go back to prison,” Lloyd said. “The suspect knew that too.”

Officer Colton Thompson called for backup and made the suspect exit the vehicle, Lloyd said. 

That’s when the suspect, Franklin Brinkerhoff, 21, Richfield, bolted on foot. Thompson tackled Brinkerhoff on the lawn of a neighboring house, knocking his radio off his equipment belt in the process. The suspect was able to get away. 

Thompson attempted to use a Taser on the suspect.

“Only one of the probes went in,” Lloyd said. In order for a Taser to work, it needs two contact points. 

So again Thompson chased down Brinkerhoff. By this point the commotion had alerted a neighbor who ran to the scene to help Thompson. 

The neighbor called 911 to tell dispatchers what had happened. 

“He’d been out of his vehicle and away from his radio,” Lloyd said. “It was one of those calls that really makes you worry as a chief.” 

He said a suspect that is headed back to prison sometimes takes a “nothing to lose attitude,” and it can result in a dangerous situation for both officers and the suspect.

However, after the suspect and Thompson were evaluated at Sevier Valley Hospital, they were both released — Thompson to go back on duty and the suspect to go to jail. 

Brinkerhoff was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to stop at command of a police officer. 

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