Election night in Sevier County decided at least one major issue, but left a tie in the Monroe City Council race.

The ballot question the entire county was asked to vote on concerning a bond to build a regional community development/recreation center failed. 

Preliminary results showed 2,408 people voting in favor of the proposal, while 3,013 voted against it. 

The proposal would have funded a portion of a new center that would include a comprehensive aquatics center, a gymnasium, classrooms and other amenities on a piece of ground adjacent to the campus of Snow College Richfield.

The proposal called for Richfield City to fund another portion of the project, along with a legislative appropriation through the college and a funding package through the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board.

With the loss at the polls, the project in its proposed form is likely dead, and a replacement for Richfield’s pool is in limbo.

However, there may be a plan B implemented in the future, said Richfield City Mayor David Ogden.

“We definitely will be exploring options to do something else,” Ogden said. He said the city’s current pool is in poor shape and may not be sustainable through more than a couple of years.  

“We can’t afford to build a competition pool with seating and a leisure pool on our own,” Ogden said. Organizers of the effort to build a regional facility expressed the goal of making Sevier County a destination for competitive swim meets, similar to how the Sevier Valley Center works for basketball and wrestling. 

The Monroe City Council race ended with Erica Sirrine receiving 381 votes, followed by Michael Mathie with 337. Michael Miles and Dane Buchmiller both received 290 votes, tying them for the third seat that was up for election in Monroe. They were followed by Dana Lundgreen with 214 and Joseph Anderson with 212. 

“We really won’t know until Nov. 12,” said Allison Leavitt, Monroe City recorder. The city is scheduled to canvas the election, which is when the provisional ballots and those received after the preliminary tally will be counted.

The county has approximately 200 ballots that are either provisional or were postmarked on time, but not in time to be counted Nov. 5, said Barbara Crowther, deputy clerk for Sevier County. 

Salina’s council raced ended with Earl Taylor taking 357 votes and Cade Hunter with 352. Daniel Viers, 243, took the final spot on the council followed by Devin Prisbrey, 183.

Annabella’s council race ended with Ken Blackburn, 180, and Hayven Dunn, 155, both taking seats over Juli K. Brown, 64.

The Elsinore Town Council election ended with Devin Moore garnering 133 votes, followed by Donny Salazar, 119, both earning seats. Michelle Jensen had 92 votes.

The county clerk’s office reported 5,471 of Sevier County’s 10,050 registered voters participated in the election.

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