A walk in the park – Honesty is the best policy for Richfield woman

Richfield City Police Officer Aaron Pallesen, left, has Jeanette Riddle sign a form Monday morning. Riddle returned a wallet she found to the police department, and the owner of the wallet sent her a reward.

It was like any other day for Jeanette Riddle. 

Each day she heads over to the Richfield City Park for a walk — twice a day. The walks are her way of dealing with a heart condition. It keeps her active and alert.

Then, May 29, she was walking and found a wallet. She’d noticed a man in the park and that he’d left the area — leaving his wallet behind.

She picked up wallet. 

“I opened it just long enough to see whose it was,” Riddle said. She then proceeded to walk over the to Days Inn lobby, where she called police to report the wallet, which belonged to a man from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

She turned the wallet over and never expected to hear about it again. She continued her daily rounds at the park. 

The police department contacted the wallet’s owner. Before long the wallet was on it’s way back to the owner. 

However, there was one catch — the owner of the wallet wanted the cash inside of it to be given to Riddle as a reward. 

“I just thought by turning it in I’d help stop identity theft,” Riddle said. 

“I know the owner of the wallet appreciates you turning it in, and we appreciate you keeping an eye out for us,” said Aaron Pallesen, officer with the Richfield City Police Department. He presented Riddle with the reward Monday morning.

“We knew she’d be up here,” Pallesen said. He said Riddle is known for keeping a watchful eye on the park, and will let the city know when things like broken sprinkler heads need attention.

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