Richfield team crowned champs

The Richfield seventh grade football team celebrates its back-to-back championship Saturday in Beaver. The junior Wildcats outlasted Juab in the final game of the season.

The Richfield seventh grade football team earned its second championship in as many years Saturday in Beaver.

The junior Wildcats took down a team from Juab 14-12, to earn the championship in a game played in Beaver. 

The boys are undefeated for the past two seasons. 

The teams coaches include Ben Robertson, Drew Wayman, Richard Yardley, Rob Jenson, Brock Robinson, Travis Vincent and Gordon Robison. 

Team members include Carter Robertson, Malik Fautin, Tanner Pollock, Luke Woolsey, Koda Hansen, Ezra Robinson, Jake Worley, Jackson Alger, Trampas Gilbert, Brodie Hitchens, Brenton Jolley, Kyler O’Brien, Gage Yardley, John Southwick, Hudson Spell and Kesler Robison. 

Also, Conar Gulrud, Bridger Vincent, Brandon Jones, Jhet Roundy, Brecken Penney, Hayden Reed, Griffin Wayman, Kade Rollins, Slate Reitz, Payton Prince, Braden Puentes, Ike Shaw and Rylan Farnsworth.

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