Following the leads

Sevier County Sheriff’s Office detectives Stacy Mickelsen, left, and Kris Larsen photograph suspected stolen items July 15 near Richfield. The sheriff’s office executed search warrants in search of construction equipment that was reported stolen in December 2018.

A Richfield man was arrested July 30, for his suspected role in a string of burglaries. 

Jacob Rickabaugh, 36, was booked into the Sevier County Jail on four charges of burglary and four charges of theft. The arrest came after months of investigation.

“We have reason to believe that he may be linked to other burglaries both in and out of the county,” said Det. Sgt. Allen Pearson, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. 

Property taken in burglaries dating back as far as December 2018 was recovered. The recovery of the stolen items led to detectives seeking a search warrant for a storage shed rented by Rickabaugh. Dozens of suspected pilfered items were photographed and cataloged during the search. 

 “One of my favorite things is being able to return people’s property to them,” Pearson said. “Our team just doesn’t give up.” 

Pearson said ever since an assortment of tools was reported stolen from a construction site in Monroe in December 2018, detectives have been looking for clues, talking to people and following up leads. 

Finally, while investigating another theft, detectives recovered what they believed to be items stolen from the Monroe construction site.

“Some of these things are now twice stolen,” Pearson said. 

This in turn led them to a second storage unit, which meant going back to the judge to obtain a second warrant.

“We can’t cheat,” Pearson said. “It can be frustrating, because the people we deal with can and do cheat. We have to follow the rules.”

Once the judge signed the second warrant, detectives were able to sort though the contents of the second shed, recovering several more items believed to have been stolen.

“The detectives did a really good job,” said Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis. “They just kept working the case until something happened.”

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