GENTRI hitting SVC – Gentlemen Trio bringing all new Christmas show

The Gentlemen Trio — GENTRI — is set for a performance Monday, Dec. 9, at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield. Tickets are available at

Bringing a revamped Christmas show in support of a new album, GENTRI is set to take the stage at the Sevier Valley Center Monday, Dec. 9, at 7:30 p.m.

“We’re excited to bring new music with us,” said Brad Robins, who along with Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever, is one of the three tenors of GENTRI.

The show marks GENTRI’s second appearance in Richfield.

“The Sevier Valley Center is a great venue,” Robins said.

GENTRI was formed as Robins, Elliott and Lever were performing together on a production of Les Miserables. From there the group started performing and perfecting it’s “cinematic pop” sound. 

Alongside the three tenor voices on this musical journey is music director and producer Stephen Nelson. Nelson tours with the group, providing accompaniment, but he is also a creative force in helping develop the cinematic pop sound, Robins said. 

GENTRI has performed for hundreds of audiences all around the globe. They have shared the stage with legends like Journey, One Republic, Alfie Boe, Idina Menzel, Lee Greenwood and Kristen Chenoweth. 

Robins said the Gents tend to focus on producing a timeless sound, but one that’s still fresh and different from other musical acts. 

“Who doesn’t love Disney movies,” Robins said. “A lot of the reason people love Disney is the beautiful music. We have an almost Disney-like sound.”

The group has been together since 2014, rehearsing, touring and performing together.

“It’s a fun group dynamic,” Robins said. “We all love and are committed to what we do. GENTRI is bigger than all of us. It’s led to some incredible experiences.”

Robins said the group has had to ability to help uplift and inspire people, which is the greatest compliment a musician can have. 

“I love that I’m doing this with two guys who are the older brothers I never had growing up,” Robins said. 

Soon enough the group was dabbling in Christmas music. 

GENTRI performed on a special on BYU TV.

“It really opened our eyes to how much we love Christmas music,” Robins said. He said the Richfield show, part of the group’s established tradition of “Finding Christmas” focuses on the classics of the season, but imbued with the larger scope GENTRI is known for.

The annual Christmas shows started at Abravanel Hall, and has since hit the road making appearances in several states.

The show this year is a completely re-imagined production, with epic orchestrations, lush harmonies and moving storytelling, Robins said.

In addition to this year’s show, the Gents are bringing copies of their new album, “Noel,” which will be available in the lobby following the show. GENTRI’s previous Christmas album topped multiple Billboard charts, and also made the iTunes top-10 holiday list alongside names like Michael Bublé and Pentantonix. 

“We’re excited to bring new music with us to the show,” Robins said. 

Tickets for the show are available online at ranging in price from $25 to $30.

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