SIGURD — By the time the trucks were on scene July 7, the Newby family’s home was already lost.

“I was on the second truck, and by the time we got there it was already halfway gone,” said Jason Jacobson, chief of Sigurd’s fire department. There was little firefighters could do other than contain the blaze and keep it from spreading, Jacobson said. 

“We weren’t able to save anything,” Jacobson said.

In a matter of days, the fire department’s 15 members decided to do something for the family who’d lost their home. Small departments like the one in Sigurd rely on volunteers and donations.

For more than a decade the Sigurd Fire Department has hosted a prize drawing to help raise money for equipment upgrades and maintenance. However, this year the drawing was shifted to help the Newby family. 

“We’re happy to do it to help our community,” Jacobson said. “The people around here have done so much to help us.”

So firefighters and their wives started selling tickets for the drawing. Two guns donated to the department from the Barney Company and a gift certificate to South China were up for grabs. 

In a little over two weeks, the effort brought in nearly $6,000. 

“Hopefully this will give them a good start,” Jacobson said. 

The drawing was hosted Friday and streamed live. 

Within a few minutes one of the winners called Jacobson to donate the Thompson Center Compass 6.5 Creedmoor rifle he’d won in the raffle back to the Newby family. 

“It’s your gun,” Jacobson said, as he presented the check to Jeff Newby. 

“We’re very thankful,” Jeff said. “At least no one was hurt in the fire. We can replace everything else, but not our family.”

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