Walk and talk with a doc

Dr. Daniel Smith explains the different kinds of cholesterol and the dangers associated with high levels of cholesterol during a Walk With a Doc event July 11, in Richfield. Walk With a Doc is a program offered for free through Intermountain Healthcare.

Several people had an opportunity to go for a walk with a doc and chat about healthcare issues, July 10, in Richfield.

Walk With a Doc is a monthly program offered by Intermountain Healthcare to promote healthy lifestyles in the community. There is no charge to participate.

“Who here has ever had a symptom of high cholesterol,” said Dr. Daniel Smith, this month’s guest doctor. “No one.”

He said while high cholesterol is typically asymptomatic, that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. It can damage blood vessels, increase risk of heart attacks and contribute to strokes. 

There are two types of cholesterol healthcare providers screen for — LDL and HDL. 

LDL is the bad cholesterol. Smith said people can remember it by calling it the “lousy cholesterol,” while HDL is the “healthy cholesterol.”

The best way to treat cholesterol is by having an active lifestyle, and eating a diet high in fiber.

Another way to help improve overall health is through taking a fish oil supplement.  

Many people don’t like using a fish oil supplement because they end up burping the smell of fish, Smith said. 

“Keep it in your freezer,” Smith said. He said by keeping it cold, it doesn’t defrost until it is too far down the digestive tract to cause fishy burps.

Participants then took a walk with Smith. The program allows for people to ask questions of the guest doctor and get health advice.

To learn more about the Walk with a Doc program, log onto walkwithadoc.org or call (435) 893-0580.

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