Embracing the challenge

Runners take off on the half marathon portion of the Crimson Canyon Ultra Saturday morning in Richfield. The half marathon is actually the shortest of the races offered during the Crimson Canyon event.

It’s not easy. 

In fact it’s so hard, for some the Crimson Canyon Ultra seems sadistic.

“We had a lady last year who came up to us last year and said, ‘I’ve never walked in a race my entire life and you made me walk,’” said Brandon Harrison, race organizer. 

The race was hosted Saturday with 50-mile, half marathon and 50-kilometer divisions. 

In it’s third official year, the ultra is gaining in size and reputation. This year 155 people from 17 states and two international locations participated in the event. 

Included were 32 people who ran the 50-mile course, which traversed the hills and mountains of the Pahvant Mountain Range west of Richfield. The race is designed to be a challenge. 

At one point there is a portion of the race called “The Climb.” “The Climb” is a 950 vertical assent in a mile. 

“It’s downright mean,” Harrison said. 

It was mean enough that six of the participants in the50-miler dropped out. 

However, many more did make it through to the end.

Eric Young, Ogden, won the race with a time of 10:13:28. Mark Buehler, Meridian, Idaho, took second place, clocking in at 10:20:00.

Eric Senn, Colorado Springs, Colorado, nabbed third with a time of 11:02:44.

Emaleigh Nelson, Lander, Wyoming, was the first woman to cross the finish line, nabbing fourth overall with a time of 11:41:42.

Maggie Sarnicka, St. George, was the second woman and sixth overall with a time of 12:02:53. 

Suzie Stephensen, Leavenworth, Kansas, was the third female to finish with a time of 12:02:53. 

The 50-kilometer race, which is a little more than 30 miles, also wound its way through the hills and canyons of the Pahvant.

Zach Casper, Nibley, won the 50K race with a time of 6:15:27.

Tyler Bodily, Central Valley, finished it in 6:31:18 for second place.

Josh Van Jura, Park City, completed the race in 6:40:56 for third place.

Kristie Rosser, Pleasant Grove, was the first woman to finish the 50K race, with a time of 8:33:23.2.

Anna Webberley, Salt Lake City, took second, clocking in at 8:57:28. 

Lindsay Fillerup, Payson, finished the race in 8:59:44 as the third place woman. 

Finally, is the half marathon, the least daunting in distance, but still full of hills, canyons and gravel to navigate. 

Corey Hunter, Provo, won the half marathon with a tie of 2:02:12. 

Jon St John, Salt Lake City, nabbed second, clocking a time of 2:27:03.

Rob Gordon, New York, took third with a time of 2:32:03.

Karee Banks, Draper, won the women’s division with a 2:45:38 mark. April Medley, Salt Lake City, was second at 2:45:55 with Erin St John, Salt Lake City, in third with a 2:45:56 time. 

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