Southern Utah University is offering a class in wildland restoration on the land scarred by the Brian Head fire of 2017 this summer.

Dr. Jacqualine Grant is teaching the SUU community education course entitled “Plants and Public Lands.” Participants will learn all about Utah’s native plants within the scenic landscapes surrounding southern Utah.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our community to help our public lands while learning something new from an experienced professional,” said Suzette Beach, assistant director of SUU community education.

The course will be offered in two different sessions, June 7 to 22 and July 30 to Aug. 14, with one in-class presentation and five field trips each session. Course participants will also learn how to keep a field journal, recognize the difference between native and non-native plant species, plant and flower identification, and will contribute to restoration efforts on the Dixie National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management lands that were damaged in the Brian Head fire.

Dr. Grant, an award winning experiential educator and biology professor at SUU, will be instructing the course, as well as leading the field trips that include several short hikes.

“There is an abundance of magnificent flowering plants that bloom in southern Utah even though we are immersed in a desert environment,” Grant said. “This applied course will lead you through the identification and biology of common wildflowers, the mechanics of keeping a scientific field journal, an introduction to how seeds are collected for restoration efforts, and an explanation of citizen science and how you can contribute to global databases.”

The course is open for anyone age 12 and older. 

For more information visit, or email or call (435) 865-8259.

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