Paddling milestone reached

Amy Clegg stands on the edge of the pool where she has spent a significant amount of her time Friday afternoon. Clegg completed some 9,000 miles in the Richfield City Swimming Pool.

Ever since Richfield City’s pool has had a roof, she’s been there.

“I plan to keep going as long as my body and the pool hold up,” said Amy Clegg. 

Clegg reached a milestone last week — 9,000 miles of swimming. 

“Swimming is something a normal person can do,” Clegg said. “I’m not a jock.”

It’s taken a lot of time to get to this point, but Clegg does it day after day. Waking up and getting to the pool by 5 a.m., every day has taken commitment. 

Clegg has followed through with it for 36 years, often riding her bike to the pool.

“I always said that I beat the water instead of my kids,” Clegg said. In addition to being a great way to maintain one’s body, it’s also a good for one’s mental health, Clegg said.

“You can work out your frustrations,” Clegg said. “You have to pay attention and focus on what you’re doing. 

 “I started lap swimming in the ’70s,” Clegg said. 

A mile in the city’s pool is 36 laps, which means Clegg has swam more than 324,000 laps, or the distance between Richfield and a point somewhere between Melbourne and Perth, Australia. 

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